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Seminars and Workshops

Maricar’s WashingTours and Events offers several full-day and half-day seminars and workshops. To inquire about a specific seminar or workshop, contact info@washingtours.net.

Learning American Ways

Full-day workshop (8 hours) or extended length upon request

Learning American Ways full-day workshop was created for university students of De La Salle University’s Work and Study Abroad Program and specifically those students studying tourism and hospitality. De La Salle University’s Work and Study Abroad Program allows students to work overseas from March to June each year and pairs them with industry institutions in the United States such as hotels and theme parks. Learning American Ways prepares these students for their overseas experience by covering important topics such as culture shock, cultural diversity, living away from home, cultural norms and differences, interviewing techniques, language skills training as well as nonverbal skills training; and practical basics such as renting a cell phone, clothes to bring, and what to do in the case of illness overseas. Students engage in interactive scenario training, role-play, simulations, lecture, video and slide-show viewing. The workshop provides an effective foundation for those embarking on their overseas journey and features live testimonials given by returning students who engaged in the workshop before their own trip overseas. To book this workshop at your university, contact info@washingtours.net.

Building Skills for Cultural Competence

Two-day workshop (14 hours)

Building Skills for Cultural Competence is a two-day intense workshop covering how to effectively work in a foreign country with different cultures than one’s own. The workshop integrates theory and practice and requires an in-depth look at several case studies. Building Skills for Cultural Competence is available upon request and can be taught worldwide. To book this workshop, contact info@washingtours.net cc maricardonato@gmail.com.

Interpretive Techniques Workshop

Full-day workshop (8 hours)

Geared toward tour guiding students and new and seasoned tour guides this Interpretive Techniques Workshop is based on Tilden’s Six Principles of Interpretation. By integrating these principles, tour guides will increase their effectiveness to enhance the visitor experience through delivering memorable interpretation as opposed to simply offering rote facts during guiding. Students of this workshop will engage in hands-on activities, role-play, presentation, and observation to embody the material’s concepts while simultaneously developing deeper skills in interpretation. To book this workshop, contact info@washingtours.net cc maricardonato@gmail.com.

Event Management & Leadership

Full-day seminar or Two-day workshop, using Special Events, 7th Edition by Professor Joe Goldblatt,

Event Management & Leadership introduces students to the world of special events including defining a special event; exploring economic, social, cultural environmental, and political impacts surrounding special events; and the demographic and psychographic changes of event attendees. Students are asked to reflect upon their own experiences with special events and bring their experience to the classroom. The course includes study of Dr. Joe Goldblatt’s five phases of event management: research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation and engages students in activities that put the five phases into practice. The course uses question and answer, case studies, pair work, discussion, and presentation learning techniques. Upon completion of this workshop, students will be equipped with a structure that will aid in event planning from start to finish. To book the full-day seminar or two-day workshop, contact info@washingtours.net cc maricardonato@gmail.com.

Destination Management Program, Diploma in Tourism Management

Six (6) Full-day seminars (7 hours each) and Five days of practical, hands-on integration

WashingTours & Events Destination Management Program can be adopted, adapted, and implemented at any hospitality school or college university program focused on training students for careers in the tourism in hospitality industry. The course is comprised of three modules and culminates in a 3-day, 2-night exploration of regions of the North.

  • Module 1: The Tourism and Travel Industry
  • Module 2: Strategic Tourism and Leisure Management
  • Module 3: Applied Tourism Operations: Five days of practical, hands-on integration of techniques and summarization of Modules 1 and 2

Topics covered include: Map Reading Techniques, Microphone Skills, Commentary Development, Applying Tour Guiding Techniques, Voice; Linking! Threading! Connecting! Themes; and Interpretive Techniques.

The course culminates in an exciting 3-day, 2-night program “Lakbay sa Norte,” which means discovering the regions of the North. The adventure will focus on Vigan Ilocos Sur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and allows students in-depth practice of techniques learned in the course modules. Upon successful completion of the coursework and practicum, students receive a Diploma in Tourism Management from the accredited university program administering the course.

Business Skills for Guiding

Three-hour workshop with Certified Professional Accountant (CPA)

Business Skills for Guiding is offered as a standalone workshop for those new or seasoned in the guiding business. This workshop is also covered in the complete Professional Tour Guide Training Program.