Sep 23

The Origins of Guiding

Panelists and Audience listen to presentations during the Origins of Guiding presentation

Panelists, presenters, and audience during the Origins of Guiding Presentation

On August 6, students of WashingTours and Events’ Professional Tour Guide program presented The Origins of Guiding: From its Early Beginnings to the Digital Age before a distinguished discussion panel including experienced guides and the President of the Guild of Professional Tour guides, Tamara Belden.

This presentation represented the culmination of an extensive, collaborative research paper by six students completing the course. The presentation began with remarks and a brief presentation by Maricar herself, detailing the origins and background of the Grand Tour. Then, each student presented a small portion of guiding’s long and complex history, as follows:

Panelists and Audience listen to presentations during the Origins of Guiding presentation

Maricar Donato and Mete Gurel shake hands during the Origins of Guiding presentation

Mete Gurel: History of Guides in Turkey

Lee Kaplowitz: History of Guides in America

Christina Bauer: Images of Guides in Literature and Poetry

Mary Beth Lane: Images of Guides in Art and Theater

Brenda Turner: Images of Guides in Film

Denise McGuigan: Digital Age/Social Media

At the conclusion of the event, the moderator Patrick Purtell concluded the discussion with the “5 Es of Guiding:”

  • “Edutain”
    • Provide the tourists with informative information while doing this in an entertaining and enjoyable method.
  • Engage
    • Keep the tourists mentally active and engaged in the tours, eliciting involvement and encouraging them to think about how the tour relates to their lives.
  • Emulate
    • Follow the examples of the guides discussed earlier in our presentation. Being kind, informative, humorous and empathetic.
  • Emerge
    • Recognize the needs and opportunities involved with tourists from emerging economies, such as the BRIC countries; Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • Evolve
    • Make sure to keep up with changes in the needs of the tourists, the new tours that are available as well as in using technology to present information to the tourists.