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Touching the imagination, inspiring, and connecting you to the rich stories and history of our Nation’s Capital, WashingTours & Events brings Washington D.C. to life for you, your clients, and guests. Based in Washington D.C. WashingTours & Events offers multilingual cultural and themed tours; culture, communication, and event management workshops; and a professional tour guide training program. WashingTours & Events is a member of the Guild of Professional Tourist Guides of Washington D.C. International Events Society, Cultural Tourism DC and Destination DC. We invite you to contact us and look forward to serving you.



"In just a few classes of Track II with Maricar, I learned essential presentation skills that will be used daily in my new career as a tourist guide. For example, she provided a simple, powerful structure for visual and factual commentary that boils down to just five bullet points. Then she taught how to breathe life into that structure by telling stories that relate to the tourist, provoking them to think and make memories. She didn't neglect important logistic lessons: how to position the listeners, hold the microphone, inspect sites, navigate in a motor coach and more. New students quickly become part of Maricar's alumni network. Within 60 days of starting her class, I met dozens of working tour guides who expressed interest in helping this newbie. In addition to introducing students to ideas and people, Maricar coaches them on getting licenses, joining the D.C. Guild of tour guides, taking other training, attending job fairs and grabbing opportunities as they arise. I am so glad I met Maricar and her high standards early on my path to becoming a tour guide. I fully recommend her as a trainer."

-- Brenda Turner, Retired Journalist, 2013 Student

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