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Touching the imagination, inspiring, and connecting you to the rich stories and history of our Nation’s Capital, WashingTours & Events brings Washington D.C. to life for you, your clients, and guests. Based in Washington D.C. WashingTours & Events offers multilingual cultural and themed tours; culture, communication, and event management workshops; and a professional tour guide training program. WashingTours & Events is a member of the Guild of Professional Tourist Guides of Washington D.C. International Events Society, Cultural Tourism DC and Destination DC. We invite you to contact us and look forward to serving you.


Maricar's WashingTours & Events offers an intensive, 50 hour tour guide training program to up-level the skills of any tour guide and provides supplemental two-hour study sessions and study guide focused on Washington, D.C. area attractions.


Maricar's WashingTours & Events offers several full day and half day seminars and workshops. To inquire about a specific seminar or workshop click below



Maricar Donato Featured In The Washington Post

"It started, as it often does, when the DC Nation Tours bus passed Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House. A many-accented murmur of curiosity was followed by a shouted question from a Peruvian visitor in the back."

Tour guide Maricar Donato speaks about the Marquis de Lafayette in D.C.’s Lafayette Square on July 5, 2018.

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Guild’s 2019 Jill Blakeman Award Winner

Jill Blakeman (aka Guide of the Year) Award 2019 was given to Maricar Donato for her contributions in advancing the guiding profession

“I nominate Maricar for this prestigious award based on her continuing and long-term impact on the guiding profession both in Washington, DC and internationally. She has personally trained literally hundreds of guides who have served or are currently serving as profession tour guides in the Washington, DC area. In doing so she has led the effort to have a more professional tour guide membership for The Guild.  She actively promotes The Guild to all of her students, to ensure their continued professional development as tour guides.
In addition, Maricar has for a number of years been active involved with the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (also referred to as WFTGA). She has been recognized by WFTGA as an internationally accredited trainer of tour guides, as an area representative, and in 2017 she was recognized as WFTGA’s first brand ambassador.
Maricar exemplifies the truly professional tour guide both in Washington, DC and around the world.”